What up at LLSC

We've had some great performances lately. Storyhill was a hit. Gutpuppet was really cool; you had to be there to appreciate what these guys sound like live.

Saul Kaye and his girlfriend Ashley rolled in just in time due to snow and ice, but he didn't miss a beat. Here's audio of his performance: Set 1 and Set 2. There's some channel dropout, apparently a connection was loose. But hey close enough for folk music.

Coming up in concert later this month, Jenn Adams.

Jenn Adams has it all. A powerful, expressive voice, a songwriting language that is clearly her own and a sure-fire command of the stage. Over the last 20 years, she's traveled the US performing in listening rooms, coffeehouses, theaters and some of our country's most notable festivals. She has won top awards from Telluride, Lyons, Kerrville, Falcon Ridge and was recently awarded "Grand Prize Winner" from the USA Songwriting Competition. Having arrived on the Northeast music scene with an extraordinary backlog of experience and craft, she is widely regarded as one of the most riveting performers on the acoustic circuit.

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