Mike & Tari Conroy in concert, Friday, December 11

In a rare public concert performance, Mike & Tari Conroy from Conner, Montana, will be featured playing bluegrass music drawn from their nine recordings and a lifetime of traditional music making.

"Mike and Tari’s performance is clean and sincere with a simplicity that lets the listener get right to the core of the music."

-Bluegrass Now

"Anyone relishing charismatic vocal duets should find much to savor in the music of Mike & Tari Conroy"

-Bluegrass Unlimited

These two make a powerful sound, not light on musical depth, traditional roots or skill. Come see 'em and find out what bluegrass is all about, up front and personal. Dress casual for a good time!

Potluck: 5 p.m.
Showtime: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $15 Advance, $20 Door (if available)

Reservations & Directions to venue: Contact jay@jaytoups.com or 406-349-2943

To reserve seats in advance, make check payable to Mike (or Tari) Conroy and mail to:

Jay Toups
7245 Lapwai Lane
Darby, MT 59829

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