David Boone with opener Jay Toups, Saturday, February 23

Join us for a fun and heartwarming house concert on Saturday, February 23rd as we welcome David Boone back to Lapwai Lane Shredders Club for an evening of great songs, music, food, and friends. A prolific, hugely talented songwriter and singer, David's been busy touring since his last appearance here, and he's got some superb new songs to share.

Visit David's current project site: http://www.dawnsiscoming.com

And, in a first, Jay Toups will be opening for David, playing a set for the first time in his own venue.

David Boone with "spatial" guest, Jay Toups in concert, Saturday, February 23,
Potluck 4 p.m. 
Showtime: 6 p.m. 
Artist Donation $20 

 Location: 7245 Lapwai Lane, Darby, MT 
 More info: 349-2943


CANCELLED: T.R. Ritchie in concert, Sunday, August 5

Sorry, but we've had to cancel this show due to illness. ;-( TR's great, check him out at http://www.trritchie.com.

Going from busking at Pike Street Market to kicking it at Kerrville, Napa and Walnut Valley, this unreconstructed folkie sounds like the folk music we'd have been listening to all along if Alice's Restaurant hadn't become a hit. TR Ritchie writes, plays and sings with heart and conviction - and an innocence - you wouldn't expect from someone that's been around a few rough and competitive blocks. A dreamer with at least seven toes on the ground, Ritchie is a very solid link on a very solid folkie chain that somehow manages to command your attention without demanding it. Killer stuff.


"TR Ritchie must be the reincarnation of Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Samuel Clemens and Will Rogers. How else to explain his great songs? His melodies are classics that will stay with you for years. TR is one of the very best!"


Sunday, August 5 at LLSC

Potluck 5 p.m.
(Please bring a covered dish and your favorite beverage.)

Showtime 7 p.m.

Artist donation: $15

To reserve seats in advance, please make check payable to TR Ritchie and mail to: 7245 Lapwai Lane Darby, MT 59829

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