Jenn Adams, great show

Jenn and Lawrence Duncan put on a very nice show, the crowd was into it, and the recordings turned out good too. Here's set 1 and set 2 of their performance, which also includes Jenn's cover of House of the Rising Sun with a subtle (off mic) cameo sit-in by accordionist Laura Hibbs.


Judy said...

Fantastic evening of music! The intimate venue enhances the experience for those attending!

Jay said...

Thanks for your thus far lone comment, Judy. We'll see who else rises to the challenge.

It was a lovely show indeed. Jenn is a true talent, with a lot of concert experience and it certainly showed. And Lawrence definitely added to the sound with his deft touches on the woodwinds. The show audio turned out great, hope you get a chance to listen.

Jay said...

No this wasn't an April Fools comment...lol.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous choice seemed the fast way to get a comment on the blog without set up. The concert was great. We had not seen or heard Jen for years and are glad she is "home". Lawrence was a wonderful addition to Jen's talent.
Laura would like to comment on the quality of the recording as we listen at home in Missoula. She enjoyed the unique opportunity to spontaneously play "House of the Rising Sun " with a guitar and a bassoon.
Thanks Jay,
Laura and Lisa

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