David Boone in concert May 30

Updated June 2: Streaming audio of David's performance
Set 1
Set 2

David at LLSC, September 2007, pics by Tom Robak

More information about David: www.davidboone.net

Potluck: 5 p.m.
Showtime: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $15 Advance, $20 Door (if available)

Reservations & Directions to venue: Contact jay@jaytoups.com or 406-349-2943

To reserve, make check payable to David Boone and mail to:

Jay Toups
7245 Lapwai Lane
Darby, MT 59829


Judy said...

Very intense singer--best original music was The Red Barn and Seely Lake.

Daniel F. said...

awsome soul expanding performance,
everyones life impoved a few notches just by being there

Unknown said...

What a talented songwriter. I especially enjoyed the artist's softer and sensitive lyrics and licks

Cheryl said...

David is a wonderful lyricist. His words, lines, messages have a natural flow; his metaphors—amazing—yet comfortable (easy to listen to) seem so close to the real thing. His occasional higher tones were flawless, very smooth and enjoyable. David is a very talented man.

Jay said...

What I liked best about David's performance was the literate, dirt honesty of the lyrics, and his amazing voice. A bit on the edgy side, but not so much that it made me uncomfortable. Great stuff, David!

Unknown said...

Brilliant live performer who will go far. Lovely, moving lyrics and clear diction. Thanks David!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jay and Tamera for another great evening.
I particularly enjoyed David's thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics and I love the intimate atmosphere with the artist.
I also appreciate his comment about being reenergized by the opportunity to play to a live audience in that personal setting. David I hope you realize how much we appreciate a young talented artist with the message you brought to us that night.

Unknown said...

What an incredibly talented artist! Each song was unique and individual - which is rare with a prolific song writer. Excellent music and a very good performer.

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