David Boone, Saturday, September 15

As one of Missoula's most prolific and talented musicians, it's David's honesty, his transparency, that makes his work shine. In his latest, Hard Enough to Bend, it is more and more present in his voice as he sings about poverty, love, war and loss. He blends styles in Hard Enough to Bend showcasing his progression while maintaining his acoustic roots. Reminiscent of Ryan Adams on this album, he uses his signature lyrical prowess and adaptability to take a traditional folk-like feel and turn it into something modern and vibrant—distancing himself from the run-of-the-mill coffee shop singer-songwriter. David continues to amaze with his ability to stay open and raw while simultaneously challenging new sounds and styles—song after song, album after album.

- (Courtney Lowery - New West Missoula)

Potluck: 5 p.m.
Showtime: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $15 Advance, $20 Door (if available)
Reservations & Directions to venue: Contact jay@jaytoups.com or 406-349-2943

To reserve, make check payable to David Boone and mail to:

Jay Toups
7245 Lapwai Lane
Darby, MT 59829

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