Gutpuppet: Rare Treat

Scot Ray wields two wooden hammers to make his guitar sound like a hammered dulcimer. Sweet.

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Lapwai Lane Shredders Club might seem a strange name for a music venue, but it is the only name that aptly describes just getting here sometimes, like when there's lots of snow or ice on the road. Last night, 20 people who took a chance on this locally unknown act (with two fairly well-known musicians, Scot Ray and Bill Barrett) and braved our ice-laden road to get up here, Gutpuppet didn't disappoint.

For the folks who managed to get stuck on the road and caused a pile up of cars (several of which had to turn back and go home), you missed a truly fantastic performance. Here's audio of set 1 and here's set 2.

Gutpuppet with Darby's own Kirt Lloyd sitting in. I also got to play tabla on this tune, but it's not very noticeable in the streaming audio.

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Anonymous said...

Last evening's concert by Gutpuppet at the Lapwai Lane Shredder's Club was wonderful. As I learned, they chose the name Gutpuppet because the music comes from the gut and they and their instruments are the channels, or puppets, playing the music called forth. Add this to musical virtuosity is the truest sense and one is transported with them on their musical/spiritual journey. I had a great time and am looking forward to the opportunity to spend more evenings listening to, and journeying with, them.

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